Tuesday, January 31, 2012

29 Days of Giving

Starting tomorrow (Feb. 1st) I am going to be doing the 29-Day Giving Challenge.  I came across this challenge through a friend on a FB group that I belong to.

There's a couple reasons why I choose to push myself with this particular challenge.  It is my prayer that:

1)  By choosing to give to others, I can teach myself that giving doesn't have to be on a big scale or cost a lot of money.  It can be the simplest thing such as a phone call or an email.

2)  By focusing more on giving that I can focus less on spending.

3)  I will learn to appreciate the small and simple things in my life.  That, in spite of my addiction and debt, my life is pretty damn good. 

4)  I will be a good example to my daughters.  That as they see me giving that they, too will learn to give -- starting with each other.

5)  That by giving, I can also open myself up to receiving -- whether it's a compliment or help.  And that by receiving, I am fulfilling someone else's need to give.

Want to join the challenge?  Simply go here to sign up and look for the sign up box on the right side of the page.  If you do choose to join, I'd hope that you'd leave a comment!


Doula Brandi said...

Blessings on your journey!

blessedabundantly said...

It's gonna be so much fun. :) Can't wait to get started. :)