Thursday, March 10, 2011

KISS it!

I realized as I looked at my posts that I haven't posted since January. 

Mostly it's because I've been in denial.  I'm still struggling.  Big time.  But I've got another struggle to deal with - and I'm trying to look at it as a challenge instead of a struggle.

I'm attempting to give up the compulsive shopping for Lent.  Yes, I know that this is an addiction and while some people have the strength and conviction to give up cold turkey, I just don't know if I can do it -- but I'm sure going to try.

Instead of just saying, I'm not going to shop at all, I realized that I've got to start small.  I've limited it to crafts and books.  Which means - no Michael's, no Hobby Lobby, no JoAnn's.  No Borders, no B&N, no Amazon.

It's killing me already -- and Lent has just started.  Our local Borders is closing permanently - which means huge clearance sales.  I've deleted the big 50% off emails.  All the while twitching inside.  I've deleted the emails filled with coupons from the craft stores.  I don't even open them -- I don't want to see what I've been missing.

I'm even trying to avoid reading crafting blogs because I know if I see something cute or inspiring - I'm done for.

And besides -- I can't shop if I don't have the money, right?  We've got some big expenses coming up - new roof, new tires, and other "adult" things that eat up your paycheck before it even hits the bank account.  I've also been a little vague and reckless with tracking the spending, so there's a little playing catch up as well.

So with this lack of discretionary spending funds, I'm desperately trying to tame the immediate "I WANT IT NOW" mentality.  During Lent, I'm trying to establish a KISS attitude.  (Keep It Simple Stupid!).

Making do with the groceries I have in the house.  Spending more time doing simple, free things with my kids.  Filling the time with reading, watching movies, playing outside instead of shopping or "running errands".  I'm challenging myself - on top of my Lenten promise - to see how far I can stretch what we have.

Should be interesting........